Seelife: PKM VGK Collaboration

YOGYAKARTA (16/03/2023) - The commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the motto "No One Left Behind," which values individual diversity including people with disabilities, is increasingly becoming a focal point of attention. Creative efforts are key to providing concrete solutions for them. One example is the development of smart technology designed to assist people with visual impairments and low vision.

Through a student creativity program (PKM) named Seelife, students from the Faculty of Language, Arts, and Culture at Yogyakarta University showcase their innovation in addressing this challenge. The Seelife project, led by Yosefina Wea Dede, M.Mico Nopriansyah, Almanda Fransisca S., Rahardian Abimanyu, and Khoiriyah, has garnered attention for successfully bringing forth solutions that have the potential to enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

Seelife is part of the Constructive Idea Video category in the PKM, where they use social media as a means to disseminate positive ideas that can provide solutions to social issues. Dr. Isti Haryati, M.A., the supervisor of the Seelife PKM-VGK, hopes that this work can serve as a source of inspiration for others to continue innovating in addressing the issues around them.

Collaboration among students from various study programs, such as German Language Education, English Literature, and Special Education, successfully secured funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek). This indicates that the project has received recognition and strong support from the authorities.

The main idea behind Seelife is the creation of a smart cane that integrates assistive technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT). Through live translating features connected to a camera, Seelife enables visually impaired users to engage in language-related activities without relying on assistance from others. Additional features such as DHT11 sensors and a Micro Camera are designed to assist users in carrying out daily activities more independently and safely.

With its solid and lightweight design, Seelife offers ease of use for people with disabilities. The advanced features integrated with modern technology also help improve their quality of life. Through this project, students not only showcase their creativity but also make a meaningful contribution to realizing the principles of inclusion and justice for all individuals in society. (NL)