The German Language Education Welcomes the Socialization of MSIB Batch 6 Internship at the Sandi Museum

YOGYAKARTA (22/06/2023) - The Sandi Museum held a socialization program for MSIB to students of the German Language Education Department at FBSB UNY. Information about the MSIB program was delivered by Diah Ayu Runi Ramadhani, an alumna of German Language Education who is now involved in the Sandi Museum. The activity took place in the seminar room of the WS Rendra building at FBSB UNY on June 22, 2023. Although predominantly attended by students of German Language Education, there were also participants from other departments, namely French Language Education and Fine Arts Education.

The Sandi Museum is registered in Batch 6 of the Internship and Independent Certified Study Program (MSIB) and is the only museum acting as a partner. This program is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology or Kemendikbud Ristek. Kemendikbud Ristek developed the MSIB program to help students understand various types of work and gain professional experience. Furthermore, the learning experience outside the campus through this internship can be converted into credit units according to the university's policy.

Currently, 10,983 participants have registered at the MSIB Museum. Registration for MSIB Batch 6 at the Sandi Museum has increased fivefold compared to Batch 5. Moreover, competition to be selected for this program is quite tight, as registration is not limited to students from Yogyakarta alone. Students from outside DIY, even outside Java, such as Bali, Semarang, Palembang, Sambas, also showed great enthusiasm in registration. At the Sandi Museum, MSIB Batch 6 offers six positions: Junior Educator, Content Creator, Museum Guide, Museum Branding, Assistant Curator, and Secretary. Interning students will participate in the program for five months, and program activities can be converted. Diah Ayu explained, "We will provide internship students with experience in these six museum professions, and they will be accompanied by mentors in their respective fields."

Information on internship registration at the Sandi Museum can be accessed directly by visiting the website under the internship section. After that, one can directly select Sandi Museum as the partner and complete the required documents for registration. (Astri)