BDS FBSB UNY Holds CCP: Appreciates Management and Talent Channels

YOGYAKARTA (19/03/2023) - The Student Association from Department German Language Education, Bund der Deutsch Studenten (BDS) FBSB UNY has held a Crew Close Party (CCP) on Saturday, November 25, 2023, at the Karawitan Laboratory FBSB UNY. CCP is a closing event for BDS management for the 2022/2023 period which aims to give appreciation to the management for their dedication during one management period. In addition, CCP is also a place for administrators and German language education students to channel their talents and creativity. CCP Committee Chairperson, Sheren Maria Jessica, explained that this event was a form of gratitude to all BDS FBSB UNY administrators who had worked hard to carry out all work programs during one period. "This event is a moment to gather and have fun together after undergoing management duties," she said. 

The CCP event was enlivened by various performances from internal BDS FBSB UNY, students of the German Language Education Department FBSB UNY, and Student Organizations (ORMAWA). Some of the performances include:  Käse (BDS Music Community), Hypercoustique (PBP Acoustic Community), Regenbogen (BDS Theater Community), Schmetterling (BDS Dance Community), Akseller Team (BDS Akseller Cabinet), Teraserink, and Seruker (DJ Gampang Kagol). In addition, the event was also enlivened by a collaboration between Käse, Regenbogen, Schmetterling. The event was lively and received positive appreciation from all attendees. 

PBJ lecturer, Diyan Fatimatuz Zahro, M.A., who attended the event, expressed her appreciation to the management of BDS FBSB UNY for their hard work and dedication during one management period. He hopes that the experience gained during his time as an administrator can be a valuable provision for future life. "I would like to thank all the administrators of BDS FBSB UNY for their contribution in driving student organizations in FBS UNY. Hopefully the experience gained during the management can be a valuable provision for the future," he said. The CCP event ran smoothly and successfully thanks to the cooperation and participation of all BDS FBSB UNY administrators. This event became a memorable moment for all administrators as a form of appreciation and a channel for their talents.(NL)