3 German Language Education Students Receive KU OSSPIs Scholarships at Kasetsart University Thailand

BANGKOK (03/15/2024) Meira Pratiwi (2021), Frida Azzahra (2020), and Ardhya Azka Cahyaningtyas (2020) have successfully obtained scholarships for the KU OSSPIs program (One Semester Scholarship Program International Students of Kasetsart University). All three of them passed the selection process and have the opportunity to broaden their experiences abroad and learn about Thai culture from January 5th to May 13th, 2024. KU OSSPIs is a credit transfer program that allows students to take at least 9 credits equivalent to the courses available at their home university. This enables their course grades to be converted into a Transcript of Records (ToR) at their home university.

As students with interests in language and culture, Meira, Frida, and Azka are very grateful to be part of this program. From the beginning, they have prepared themselves well to participate in the internal selection at UNY, submitting the necessary documents and demonstrating outstanding academic achievements. The selection process for this program is highly competitive. Students must pass the internal selection at their home university by providing the required documents. They are also required to choose a study program that aligns with the program they are following at their home campus, as well as provide certificates of achievement as mandatory requirements.

While at Kasetsart University, all three actively participated in various academic and cultural activities. One of the activities they looked forward to was KASETFAIR, a major event held annually on campus. This experience not only gave them the opportunity to enjoy local culture but also to interact with students from various parts of the world. "I am very happy to be given this opportunity because I have learned many experiences, especially related to language and culture. Not only did I learn the language and culture in Thailand, but also the languages and cultures of other countries because I met friends from Germany, Japan, China, France, and others. In addition, I was able to introduce the language and culture of Indonesia to my friends from abroad," said Azka.

Furthermore, Meira also appreciated the facilities provided by Kasetsart University, especially the campus library which is open 24 hours during exam periods, greatly supporting her learning productivity. As an active and enthusiastic student, Meira hopes to bring back many valuable experiences from her participation in this KU OSSPIs program. Meira, who also served as the Chair of BDS 2023, also hopes that this experience can inspire her fellow students at UNY and open opportunities for them to follow in her footsteps in exploring the world of international education and culture. For Frida herself, KU OSSPIs has become a valuable platform for cultural exchange and cross-border knowledge. This program not only enhances their understanding of Thai culture but also enriches their overall learning experience. (Nindya)